Would you like more books in this series?

Shadow House, Book Three


Book Title: No Way Out

Author: Dan Poblocki (obviously, since unlike the three first multi-platform series which have multiple author, this is just one)


The series is advertised as trilogy, so this might be the last book.


Why "might be the last book"?

I haven't read the second book, so I don't know if the third book would be ample enough to end the story, since we know little about the world of Shadow House (based on the first book). And trilogies are disappearing, becoming a four-book series or more . . . it might be like Spirit Animals Fall of the Beasts which is advertised as a four-book series, then it became eight since it have a huge fan base, it might even a third or a fourth series like The 39 Clues.

But I doubt it since it is not that well-received by the other fans of the Scholastic's multiplatform series.

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I'd like for more books to be there, but I think Dan Poblocki has a plan that ends the story in 3.

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I'm in love with the Shadow House series and I will love to see more of it after book 3, but I'm afraid that it would not end up well. Sometimes adding more to a story that is supposed to be finished can end up terrible, as well as the oposite.


I think book 3 will close the story of Poppy and her friends and I don't see Dan adding much more to THAT ​story, but I can totally seen him writing more about other groups of kids going to the Larkspur House, just like he did in the app. 

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