The photographs in Shadow House are creepy and weird and really cool. They all mean something within the context of the story -- but each one could totally have its own story, too.

Pick an image from one of the books and write a story about it -- it can be related to Shadow House, or completely unrelated, just as long as it’s as eerie as the photo itself. Make sure to tell us which book it’s from and what page (or describe it if you don’t have page numbers handy!).

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Check out Shadow House and Horizon! 

Pages 44-45 ( picture of the bloody feet of the hanged man in book two ) 


    Aisha had become separated from dash twenty minutes after walking through the door of the green house but even though she had just missed them when they arrived she knew dash would not look for her due to the fact that he probably thought she was just another one of this houses horrible illusions Aisha Sat down and tucked up her knees just then she heard a scream she ran toward the sound tripping over roots and trying to stay upright at one point she heard a whisper as she ran through the winding maze of paths through the greenery she thought she saw a couple of people but when she looked again she saw that the thing using the bench was not human but snake skin curled around the limp form of a child aisha shuddered involuntarily and kept running when she reached a clearing she saw a cart covered in a brown stain that looked suspiciously like blood now standing in the middle of the clearing she stopped ,realizing  how eerily silent it had become then came a low creak from above Aisha whipped her head around to see what was making the noise a mistake she was already regretting for she saw would stay with her forever . There swinging back and forth slack mouthed and limp was a girl no older then Aisha as she watched a mist came in and when it cleared she saw what looked like a soundless motion picturesque girl who now Sat swinging above her had a ghastly twin wearing a midnight blue dress that had a collar decorated with shimmering pearls she seemed confused as to why she was here in this courtroom she was led up to the chair ment for the accused and made to sit in it in the front row of spectators was a tall strict looking woman now in tears  she must be the girls mother aisha thought then in came the judge the man was short but held himself with a aura of power he stormed up the row and sat down behind his grovel and watched the little girl with a cold stare then as if someone had turned on the volume the judge said " ava , you have been accused of being a witch how do you plead "

" innocent I'm not a witch I swear " she shook her head and her eyes brimmed with tears as she saw just how hopeless her case was .her mother Sat down hard and buried her face in her hands shaking with wracking tears a couple people gave their story of why she was a witch when the judge next spoke he slammed down the grovel        "Ava black you have been found guilty of the accused crime and are sentenced to death by hanging " 

" no it's not true it's not true " ava cried as they chained her up and led her back up the aisal as she passed to row her mother was in desperately she cried out to her  " mama , mama, save me you know it's true you know mama ,mama help me " her wails faded as they dragged her out of the hall soon the rest of the congregation followed they went a hill to where a make shift gallows was set up two other people dragged the mother up the hill where she collapsed into tears again the hang man picked up a limp ava and set her on her feet the rope was looped around her neck then someone kicked the barrel out from from under her she choked but did not die the girl was light and she just guns there not dead but choking and gasping then the hangman jumped on her shoulders with a sickening snap her neck broke there was silence then after a few minutes some one cut the ropes ava fell to the ground the once sparkling white pearls were now stained red and at the sight of her daughter laying broken and limp on the ground the mother rushed forward and gathered into her into her arms moaning " my only child dead murdered " then began  to sing something like a lullaby   the crowd now ashamed departed while the other women who had discussed the girl in the first place smiled at some private joke then the mist cleared and aisha shook her head and looked up again ava still swung but a single tear streaked down her face was it condensation or...or a nasty thought came to Aisha had the corpse just seen what Aisha had seen ? Then out of the corner of her eye aisha saw the toast of the mother float through the trees a shushing sound came to her ears and a weight hit her then it moved entangled its skeletal fingers in her hair she screamed then a throbbing pain hit her as she tried to run her ankle was broken she sunk back and everything went black.....



Dash may have gotten away but Aisha wasn't so lucky....

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